Breads - My Vegan Cookbook


A wholesome sweet bread full of banana flavor. Makes a great snack or quick breakfast if baked the night before.
Our half whole wheat biscuits are actually more whole wheat than all purpose flour.
This corn bread is not soft and cake like but has more of a course texture.
These make a quick and delicious breakfast. They are 196 calories per muffin but one fills you up.
Your basic half whole wheat pizza dough. There is nothing like homemade pizza!
The search stops here. I promise you, these are the lightest and fluffiest vegan pancakes you will ever eat.
Homemade pita bread is so much better than store bought, which doesn't have much of a texture and is flavorless to boot.
Regular vegan pancakes are one thing but whole wheat vegan pancakes are a whole other beast.
These low fat, sweet cornmeal cakes are a great companion to vegetable soup or a crock pot of beans.
Sweet potato mash replaces a lot of the oil in these biscuits and also makes them a beautiful yellow color with flecks of orange.
Guilt free, lowfat and vegan zucchini bread. A sweet and cozy cinnamon spiced baked treat.
A delicious almost no-fat vegan muffin recipe.
Oil and butter free banana nut mini loaves. This recipe has walnuts to add crunch, dates to add sweetness and cut some of the sugar, and mostly whole wheat flour.
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