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Soups, Stews & Chowders

A selection of root vegetables in season during the winter make up the main ingredients in this tasty and nutritious stew.
Butternut squash blended with orange juice, soy milk and just the right herbs. The perfect butternut squash soup recipe.
A very saucy and rich chili bursting with flavor. This is an open some cans and dump quick recipe.
A delicious southwestern flavored vegetable soup. Great when served with cornbread.
Hearts of palm give this Brunswick stew recipe it's meaty stringy texture.
Mushrooms give this No-Beef Stew it's "beefy" flavor.With this recipe, you won't be asking, "Where's the beef!?"
Delicious and earthy tasting lentil soup. This soup is a low fat, low calorie fiber bomb that will fill you up without filling out your waist line.
A delicious vegetable soup recipe.
Delicious split pea soup!
A simple and hearty soup that can be slow cooked in the crock pot. A great soup for a cold, busy rainy day.
Classic Broccoli soup made vegan and low fat.
A low-fat and vegan alternative to the popular white bean chicken chili.
Hearty amounts of potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and red bell peppers surrounded in a rich sharp cheddar-like broth. Beneath the cheezieness a hint of red pepper and marjoram to brighten it all up.
A delicious and quick low-fat vegan corn chowder.
Gumbo is a savory Cajun or Creole stew served over rice. This recipe has very little added oil but big flavor.
Perfect vegan crock pot chili recipe for a busy, cold winter day.
This soup has fire roasted tomatoes, which remind me of cool evenings sitting by a bonfire. It has black beans and orange pumpkin, the colors of Halloween.
The dominant flavors in this peasants' soup are the fennel seed and celery, which marry well with the earthiness of the lentils and barley.
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