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These have the perfect chewy texture and rich chocolatey flavor. These are oh so delicious and you don't get that sick feeling like you ate a bucket of shortening.
This wholesome peanut butter cookie recipe trims the fat, calories and prep time. And the taste is divine.
This low fat oatmeal raisin cookie is crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and delicious.
Think you can't have chocolate chip cookies because of the hydrogenated oils in chocolate chips?
This cool and refreshing pie is the perfect summertime treat.
Using cinnamon, cardamon and raw cacao nibs we put a unique twist on the ever popular Danish wedding cookie.
Totally adorable owl cookies! These cookies are not an incredibly sweet cookie. The perfect cookie to drink hot cocoa with.
Dutch-processed cocoa creates a decadent and dark chocolate cake.
The best chocolate cake recipe for any special occasion.
Stewed Apples wrapped in a wholesome graham flour pastry pocket and smothered in a sugar glaze.
A simple vegan no-roll pie crust.
The perfectly rich tasting pumpkin pie for your next thanksgiving meal.
A perfectly moist vegan white cake recipe with a delicate taste.
Sweet, creamy and delicious vegan ice cream! This recipe will fool even the most vegan phobic customers.
A crispy crust and a gooey peach filling with sparks of cinnamon.
A vegan version of the classic red velvet cake.
A low fat vegan apple crisp recipe.
A vegan cream cheese frosting recipe that uses spices and vinegar to give it a cream cheese taste.
A vegan pumpkin spice cake recipe.
A rich and decadent vegan pecan pie recipe. The filling is a thick gooey caramel-like base.
A gluten and soy free vegan brownie! This brownie is fudge-y but also slightly cake-y.
This delicious vegan cherry pie only has 1/2 cup of sugar added and each serving only has 7 grams of fat.
These cookies are gluten free, deliciously sweet but with very little added sugar. The texture is soft and slightly fudge-y.
My low fat veganized version of the classic carrot cake, cuts the canola oil down to only 2 tablespoons.
This is the quintessential vegan white cake icing. You can add dyes to color it or keep it white. You can even flavor it anyway you like, as long as the flavoring is clear.
A vegan strawberry cake recipe that is bursting with strawberry flavor. The secret is freeze dried strawberries and strawberry extract. The same or better than any boxed strawberry cake mix.
Vegan strawberry cake frosting that's bursting with strawberry flavor. The secret is freeze dried strawberries and strawberry extract.
A low-fat vegan cherry chocolate cake recipe that uses whole wheat flour, no oil or butter in the cake (1 tablespoon in the icing) and still manages to be moist and tender. The perfect spur of the moment cake recipe for a hectic weekday.
A delicate autumn inspired treat! The tartness of the granny smith apple pairs well with the salty pistachio nuts and sweet white chocolate.
A simple, no bake vegan chocolate pie filling recipe. The pie is firms up nicely and is silky and chocolatey.
A lighter sugar cookie that is crispy and flakey but not greasy. These keep their shape in the oven and taste divine. The perfect holiday cookie recipe you will use every year.
Vegan sugar cookie icing recipe.
This rice pudding recipe is baked in the oven until set. Serve straight out of the oven for a cozy dessert or chilled in the fridge.
A vegan sugar mold recipe.
A very easy vegan peach cobbler recipe with almost no fat (just 1/2 gram per serving).
A delicious vegan apple praline bread recipe.
A vegan version of the classic 2 egg yellow cake.
A vegan flourless cookie dough bites recipe.
A low fat vegan chocolate boiled cookie.
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