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Josh Latham

Hi, I'm Josh and I'm the creator of myvegancookbook.com. I started MVC around 2007 when I was starting to transition to a vegan diet. I had become vegetarian at age 12. One of the turning points in my thinking happened when my Mom had me help her in the kitchen. She was making a meal with chicken and it was the first time I had felt raw chicken flesh in my hands. I had this epiphany that this was once a living thing, with a family. My hands froze. I was horrified. I did not go back to eating meat after that.

It would be many years later for me to go vegan and it would be a year long transition. I was well into my 30s when I would understand how awful egg and dairy production was. Or how bad these things were for my health. In 2006, I read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, before the book was even a blip on anyone else's radar and a best seller. This book probably saved my life and I became and am a huge advocate for this book. Without The China Study, MVC would probably never have come into fruition.

I wasn't happy with many of the vegan recipes I started with in those days, although things have improved. So I had to come up with some recipes that I could stick with. And so I started MVC to share those recipes with people on the interwebs.

I have never used veganisim as a career or have ever tried to profit off of the movement. It goes against my key values. That's why you will never see any advertisements on this website. If ever I write a physical cookbook and put it on sell, every dime of profit made from it will be donated to the cause. This website is about and has always been about helping others find recipes that do not harm animals or their own health.

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