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Josh Latham

Hi, I'm Josh and I'm the creator of myvegancookbook.com. I started MVC around 2007 when I was starting to transition to a vegan diet. I had become vegetarian at age 12. One of the turning points in my thinking happened when my Mom had me help her in the kitchen. She was making a meal with chicken and it was the first time I had felt raw chicken flesh in my hands. I had this epiphany that this was once a living thing, with a family. My hands froze. I was horrified. I did not go back to eating meat after that.

It would be many years later for me to go vegan and it would be a year long transition. I was well into my 30s when I would understand how awful egg and dairy production was. Or how bad these things were for my health. In 2006, I read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, before the book was even a blip on anyone else's radar and a best seller. This book probably saved my life and I became and am a huge advocate for this book. Without The China Study, MVC would probably never have come into fruition.

I wasn't happy with many of the vegan recipes I started with in those days, although things have improved. So I had to come up with some recipes that I could stick with. And so I started MVC to share those recipes with people on the interwebs.

mixing bowls
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