Sauces, Dressings & Dips

With all the high fructose sugar in most bought barbecue sauces, it's best to make your own.
A "classic" American pizza sauce that will make you say, "Now that's what pizza sauce should taste like!"
A cheezey party dip with a kick of pickled jalapeno pepper.
It's not always easy to eat the amount of raw vegetables we need in a day. This creamy, thick and flavorful onion dip will make them a pleasure to eat
A creamy vegan green onion and sesame seed dressing. Great for vegetable salads or pasta salads.
This spaghetti sauce was developed to blend well with the taste of whole wheat spaghetti pasta.
A delicious high fiber and low fat version of the classic Hummus.
A low fat vegan grown gravy recipe. Perfect with creamed potatoes and or a seitan turkey roast.
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