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A vegan version of the classic 2 egg yellow cake.
A delicious and oil-free strawberry vinaigrette in honor of strawberry season.
The bulgur wheat in this dish gives it a ground hamburger texture and it's all smothered in a cheezey sauce.
A delicious vegan apple praline bread recipe.
Summer Squash Casserole, a southern favorite made vegan and low fat. Perfect for using up the summer squash that might be coming from your garden.
Vegan Enchiladas filled with a chickpea mixture. It taste just like chicken but without the cruelty and cholesterol.
The dominant flavors in this peasants' soup are the fennel seed and celery, which marry well with the earthiness of the lentils and barley.
A delicious and simple lower fat vegan twice baked potato recipe using sweet potato to create a cheeze topping.
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