Side Dishes

The bulgur wheat in this dish gives it a ground hamburger texture and it's all smothered in a cheezey sauce.
A delicious and simple lower fat vegan twice baked potato recipe using sweet potato to create a cheeze topping.
This creamed potatoes recipe is vegan, creamy and healthy, but most importantly delicious. They're also easy!
Delicious homemade cranberry sauce with half the granulated sugar as typical cranberry sauce recipes.
A simple baked summer squash recipe.
A vegan version of the classic southern side dish comfort food, corn pudding.
A revolutionary recipe that cooks the raw macaroni in with the sauce and water. As the macaroni cooks it releases starch to create an almost gooey texture to the vegan cheeze.
Rustic red potatoes, green onions and chives mixed with a creamy, almost sour cream like vegan dressing, served warm. A great companion to a crock pot of beans or even baked beans.
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