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This creamed potatoes recipe is vegan, creamy and healthy, but most importantly delicious. They're also easy!
Delicious homemade cranberry sauce with half the granulated sugar as typical cranberry sauce recipes.
This soup has fire roasted tomatoes, which remind me of cool evenings sitting by a bonfire. It has black beans and orange pumpkin, the colors of Halloween.
A very easy vegan peach cobbler recipe with almost no fat (just 1/2 gram per serving).
A soy, gluten, oil and nut free version of our most commented on recipe. It's just as good as the original, dare I say, even better.
A simple baked summer squash recipe.
Barley and mixed vegetables make up the bulk of this delicious low fat, vegan burger patty recipe, which is packed with fiber.
A creamy vegan green onion and sesame seed dressing. Great for vegetable salads or pasta salads.
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