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A delicious and simple lower fat vegan twice baked potato recipe using sweet potato to create a cheeze topping.
A cheezey toasted sandwich that's vegan and uses no oil or vegan butter. Serve with your favorite soup or salad.
Gluten and soy free sausage balls made mostly of brown rice and lentils. Savory appetizers perfect for your next holiday party.
A sweet chili sauce, great served with my recipe for Vegan Cocktail Sausage Balls or on brown rice and vegetables.
Oil and butter free banana nut mini loaves. This recipe has walnuts to add crunch, dates to add sweetness and cut some of the sugar, and mostly whole wheat flour.
Curry powder infused cream mixed together with spaghetti noodles, broccoli and tofu cubes.
A low fat vegan grown gravy recipe. Perfect with creamed potatoes and or a seitan turkey roast.
A low fat, but delicious and succulent stuffed seitan roast.
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